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Posted by TinyPixelOfTruth - June 20th, 2018

Hi everyone!


I’m an amateur pixel artist and long-time fan of Newgrounds. I especially enjoy the Art Portal and all the wonderful pieces created by many highly talented artists!

Please keep up the great work!


It’s these awesome artists who have inspired me to take up my own (pixel) brush and start drawing. I had no idea how many character and video game inspired pieces of art you all have created! Truly amazing! When I saw so many fun works of art, I just knew I had to join in.


All of your incredible art deserves a little something back from me to show my appreciation. So, I’ve decided to submit some of my own drawings as a way to say “thank you!”

I hope you enjoy them too!


A big shout-out to the Newgrounds community! Thank you!!


Pixel artist and gamer-

TinyPixelOfTruth (TPOT)


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i admire your positivity and that you wanted to join in as well. i haven't been drawing to long and i find myself not that amezing but i love just doing it myself as well and i hope so much that you enjoy the community as well ^^ and your art isn't even that bad. i am sure if you keep going you will be a great artist some day. welcome to NG again ^^

Many thanks! I'll keep at it and will always enjoy what I do. I'm very happy to hear back from the community and I am looking forward to learning more and growing as an artist.
Best of wishes to you and the NG community!

@NyanaCreation @TinyPixelOfTruth i am glad to hear that (but i don't really represent the community or i don't think i am. i feel uncomfortble when that is said because the spot light isn't for me with big sites like this and representing so many people :p i like to be more my own person if you can understand ) anyway i like saying hi and encuriging people that's all but thanks ^^

My apologies. I did not mean to put you 'on the spot'. Thank you again for the words of encouragement. They mean a lot to me!